Sickmellow, a new DJ and an EDM record production duo, composed of Gigi Lopez. Jr. and Patrick Stat.


Gigi began his first steps at home in his own music studio. He tried his first productions with several kinds of beats, out of different genres and melodies. He has already written and produced some songs for other great artists in different genres like, Hip Hop, Pop and German music as well. Patrick made his first steps as a DJ at young age in several clubs at his home town. He did already a lot of famous mixes on youtube under his former artist name. He love to mix songs out of different genres. Currently he is trying to find a way to mix hip hop lyrics and dance music in a new way together.


Finally both decided to put their skills together, start through and place their on project at their favorite kind of music gerne, dance music. Their mission is try to mix it up with different genres and bring a totally new kind of EDM music .